The quest is not over

2008-01-28 19:15:08 by Kairace

Chill chill chill. The quest for awesome is not over. Expect for the new episodes to come out mid or late Feb. We have to record and write the script. I am right now animating the opening intro to the series. Which should be done by the end of the week. But you can catch a small sneak preview of it here t-for-awesome-intro-WIP-75863129

The quest isn't over.

The quest is not over


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2008-02-13 18:20:41

lol i liked the quest for awesome i thought it was funny looking forward to more and another thing how come people dont like the quest they have no taste or need to devolp a sence of humer!

Kairace responds:

Your right. lol

You either like it or hate it.


2008-02-20 19:07:06

Cool can't wait! Hope it's awesome and it's true about what the other guys said i can't understand why people don't like it, it's pretty funny.


2008-02-28 14:30:54

Do not let the awesomeness die.


2008-04-02 17:08:08

It looks pretty awesome


2008-05-15 15:27:40

I too am a fan


2008-06-13 17:26:36

Its Now June Lol


2008-07-11 14:54:53

dude its july wer all craving for the 3 part of quest for awesome!