Well guys we have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is my comp got a virus way back and I had to restore everything. So now I don't have Flash :(

The good news is my neighbor is getting me a whole bunch of programs fo free. And I'm starting the official script for TQFA ep.3. But the thing is I have to wait a little for the programs. like a few weeks.

But some more good news.

Egoraptor will be in the new episodes. So I don't have to do my crappy version of his voice.....which is quite surprisingly hard to do.


I'd like to give you more news.


Don't want to spoil too much though. So the awesome isn't dead.

It's just going to take awhile till it's resurrected. lol

The quest is not over

2008-01-28 19:15:08 by Kairace

Chill chill chill. The quest for awesome is not over. Expect for the new episodes to come out mid or late Feb. We have to record and write the script. I am right now animating the opening intro to the series. Which should be done by the end of the week. But you can catch a small sneak preview of it here http://kairace.deviantart.com/art/Ques t-for-awesome-intro-WIP-75863129

The quest isn't over.

The quest is not over


2007-11-29 18:52:55 by Kairace

lol Resident evil - intercourse chronicles.

Heres a preview. Once I'm done this I'll start finishing QFA.

This ones a funny one.


Yup you heard right. I just have to animate 4 more episodes. This week look out for QFA ep.3 too come out and an RE:UC spoof.

Final Fantasy VII - Buster

2007-10-04 19:52:10 by Kairace

look forward to it.

Final Fantasy VII - Buster

It's the new flash spoof I'm doing. With the amazing Courtney Leacock. The story is just so funny. Look forward to it people. And wow.........NG really revamped this place.